• How to Draw Green Pig

    How to Draw Green Pig

    Another good drawing tutorial that I have found – well, two drawing tutorials. One is a drawing video and the other is an “Actual” tutorial. It’s a great find and it will teach you how to draw the Green Pig from Angry Birds. It’s pretty helpful, and of course, the drawing tutorial below is found here: how to draw green pig from angry birds. By the way, the video above isn’t as good as the one below. You will probably be using the one below, but other than that, enjoy and good luck.

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  • How to Draw Red Angry Bird

    How to Draw Red Angry BIrd

    I found a great drawing video that shows you how to draw the main and known angry bird in the game (The “Red” one.) In fact, lucky enough I have found a great tutorial that teaches you how to draw red angry bird. If you want to view the original, go here: how to draw an angry bird – red. Hope you enjoy!

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